My Chaotic Trip to Birmingham


Today’s travel adventure is to Birmingham!

I know some of you might not find that a particularly special destination but not only does this city have an amazing shopping district and architecture, but it holds a sentimental value to me.

I’ve gone to all my most memorable concerts and festivals there, my partner lives there, my favourite mexican resturant is there and the BullRing has to be a top shopping centre.

It was about 5.30AM when I woak up; I was meant to get up earlier but one too many cocktails the night before caused me to sleep through my first three alarms…

I quickly got dressed and grabbed my trusty backpack; in hopes that I would make it to the bus stop in time for 6:23AM..

…Little did I know, the local authorities was working on the roads and so the bus stop I intended to go too was not avaliable. Meaning, I had to walk to the other side of the town to catch the bus and unfortunately did not make it to my target of 6:23AM.

Though not all hope was lost, approximately twenty five minutes later, with some old man staring at me for an abnormally large amount of time, the 6:53AM bus appeared.

It was like the best feeling to sit my butt down for an hour since my hungover started to settle in.

I love getting on the bus at early hours because the vehicle still smells of bleach and lemon cleaner; it’s really refreshing. Or is that the hangover talking? Only at 7am does the bus ever looks clean and not tainted by sins of chewing gum and horrendous body odor.

I was so excitied about getting to Birmingham but it literally felt like the bus was taking forever; like everthing was in slow motion. It was also super chilly that early in the morning, I wish I bought a cardigan as I was no expecting this weather. I only brought a little jacket 🙄

So for all those ever going anywhere in Britain – DONT FORGET TO CHECK THE WEATHER REPORT.

This is vital to becoming a professional traveller 😂

It’s a short walk from Northampton bus station to the Railway Station, it’s literally like five minutes down the road. I was going to go into McDonald’s on my way past but I thought I’d save my stomach the pain 😂

I got to Northampton Rail station and where Iwould of got a direct route from north to Birmingham New Street, yet again local authorities doing matenince on the tracks so I have to have get 1 change. It’s not my day today I’ll tell you that!

So I have had to get the train to Rugby and then from there onto a bus to take me straight to Birmingham centre, so it’s added another half hour to an hour extra onto my journey depending on traffic.

The bus was provided by The National Railway Service so I can’t complain at the price of £15.90 for a one way ticket and I think a open return is only £25.00 approximately. Though im dreading to see the prices of train tickets when they go up next year, the earlier you book the tickets the cheaper it is mostly.

Here is how quiet the train is at 8:48AM on a Saturday morning, I was expecting it to be packed if I’m honest but there was only two people in the carridge I was in.

Once I got to Rugby, the bus to New Street was literally just outside the station. This bus is so much cleaner then my local buses and I’m kinda jelouse as I wished ours looked this clean and new! I will say this, squishing my massive backpack on my lap wasn’t ideal – I packed wayyy too much I’ve decided.

As I was Informed by a member of staff that this bus would INDEED take us to New Street, but of course, I was given false information. The bus in fact stopped at Birmingham international and then I had to get another train to New Street. Of course, this is all for the low price of £15.90 but I really could of done without all this unessary stress.

Also when I have been looking online at prices and best times to catch the train from Northampton to Birmingham, three of the main sites I regularly use never stated the maintenance that was happening on the line. So by the end of it, it has took me three hours and forty-five minutes to get to Birmingham. That is excluding anytime I spent waiting for the trains and bus. This was meant to be a journey that should of been two hours maximum. Killer.

So I had a mooch round the shops once I FINALLY got to New Street, got myself some Greggs and set off on a mission to find the other station that will take me straight to my partners home. I found a LUSH store and I bought a few bath bombs, I might do a review or something on the products.

Of course, I got lost. I went in a massive circle THREE times, this is after asking someone for directions. I tried using my Google maps but that just wasn’t having any of it, especially since my 4G has been playing up.

I met this amazing gentleman who was in the town centre with a money box supporting the RAF – since I was on asking for directions mode – thought I would approach him and ask. Within 2 seconds of greeting him, I noticed he had a thick Scottish accent so I assumed he might of not known. He didn’t but bless his heart he got his phone out and searched for it on Google, I definitly appricate all the effort. I found out that he has so far completed 40 years in the RAF and plans to continue supporting our country until he can’t physically do it no more. I said my thanks to him and to everyone that supports and protects our country, I put some money in his box said goodbye and set off on my mission.

I promise you, this whole blog isn’t me just moaning..think of it as venting?

So I eventually ended up at the house at about quater to one after finding Snowhill station.

My travels and time would of been saved if there was just a direct route but I understand that work needs to be done on the lines. I started this journey at like 6AM? That’s a ridiculous amount of time to get somewhere.

If this trip had taught me anything, it’s that I need to learn to drive. Like, pronto!

Long story short, I’m safe and now have my feet up with a plate full of dinner 😌

Lydia x

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