Cafe Review: Cafe Aroma

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Good afternoon all!

So today I met up with an old school friend after not seeing each other for 5 years!

Literally meeting up felt like we only just saw each other yesterday..So many positives vibes and she was an inspiration!

She gave me so many ideas on what to use to edit my pictures and amazing places to go!

She loves photography and travelling just as much as me and it’s amazing to get such a connection with someone ✌She showed me so many awesome apps that would help with my photo editing, I’ve downloaded some and will try them out as soon as possible..

She suggested trying out this little cafe in the town centre of Wellingborough called Cafe Aroma, as neither of us have been there before..exploring, adventuring & all that.

The place was very cute, it had nice little two-people tables with sanded-down chairs. Shelves full of tea cups and tea pots of all shapes and sizes. Some were coloured, some were patterned and some had hand-painted flowers on them.

Very aesthetically pleasing.

The member of staff came over with a smile on her face, the place says a lot about the presentation of the staff. She made us feel comfortabled and welcomed. She handed us a drinks and food menu and told us to give her a shout if we saw anything we liked.

I ordered a pot of tea which was only £1.90 and a sweet chilli chicken baguette for £3.90. This was very cheap and reasonable, which I was pleasantly surprised at..

My friend ordered a full breakfast with Quorn sausages, avocado and brown bread as you can see from the picture below 😍

Mine tasted so good that I forgot to take a picture before I started eating it 😂

I had about three cups of tea from the pot, making it very good value for money! The baugette was rammed packed with chilli chicken, I’m a big eater but even this stuffed me!

I left this cafe fully satisfied and would 100% go there again for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Chilled atmosphere, very quiet & reserved.

Lydia x

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