Barcelona: The Beach


Hola! ❤

The last day of my trip to Barcelona I decided to take a lone walk down the beach and managed to get some amazing pictures! 📸

All these pictures were took on my phone; an S7 Edge. Not too bad if I do say so myself, a bit of photo editing and the images look alright.📱

It was only a short walk from my hotel to the beach, about an eight minute walk. The walk way leading to the beach was covered in palm trees, it was literally like being in the movies!

The beach went on for miles, I felt compelled to just follow the sand and see where it takes me. Even now, I wish I did that.

The beach was Packed.

Ot was mid season and school holidays so Im not suprised; trying to find a sunbed was a battle for the deaths. At one point I thought some old lady was gonna tackle me to get to a sun lounger; I mean, I would of surrended because there’s no way I’m getting beaten up.

The only plus thing was that all the sun loungers were free to use – Which I was very shocked about as most beach towns charge you for the day usage. There was also free WIFI throughout the whole beach – like why and how? So not only can I catch a tan, I can tweet about me doing it at the same time! Isn’t technology amazing?

There was a pier looking water breaker poking out from the beach, there was a barrier going across it to stop public access; but I rebelled and climbed over it. Lucky enough, the Spanish police didn’t come to arrest me as they pulled up on the beach side by the first aid centre.

I walked all the way to the end of the pier so I could get a proper view of the sea without any tourists sticking their heads in my photos. The picture below is what the pier-thing looked like, it had water breakers (I think that’s what they’re called) on either side.

I sat in the end of the pier for nearly two hours, in complete silence and just listening to the sounds around me; almost like meditating. Breathing in the fresh sea air while water splashed my feet.

I felt free. At peace with myself and the world.
I hope everyone gets to experience the feelings that I felt that day on the end of the pier, I really do.
After doing a bit of relaxing, I thought it was time to do some intense people watching.

Boy, did I get embarrassed.

I saw every part of the human anatomy and it weren’t even a nudist beach, I had a shock of a lifetime. I’m definitely mentally scarred. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for people embracing their bodies but I just got a shock 😂 At least I can laugh about it!

Though, trying to get a photo that didn’t include someone walking by naked was extremely hard; I gave up in the end.

I have a deep fear of the ocean and I don’t know what over came me but I felt compelled to go in the sea; which is VERY strange for me. This is especially since I was on my own, but I felt like I had to do it. Maybe all that sea air got to my head 😂

It took me a few attempts with me paddling my feet in and then running back to my towel in panic, but after an hour’s try – I finally did it.

Don’t get me wrong, I had to hold my breath and run in to avoid chickening out but either way, I did it. It felt werid at first but as time went by I was fine. I was just bobbing along with the waves, it just felt so natural and calming.

Like I was meant to be right there and in that moment.
It was utter bliss. Looking back at the beach and everyone sun bathing and then looking into the distance from the ocean. Like I was the only person there and it felt amazing..

Lydia x

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