Hotel Review: Hotel 4 Barcelona

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I was asked to do a review on the hotel I stayed at when I went to Barcelona 😊

I booked my holiday package through

This included breakfast, a seven night stay for two adults, baggage and shuttle bus for a total of £1246.28. Though it was only a £70 deposit and everything had to be paid 14 days beforehand. On The Beach was well Informed and I cannot fault their customer services with any of my queries.

This is the link to 4 Barcelona Hotel website if you personally want to have a look at the rooms, prices and facilities avaliable.

After arriving at Barcelona Airport, I got a shuttle bus direct to my hotel. I got dropped off round the back of the building on a back street just five minutes from the beach.

Once I’ve doubled checked we’ve got all of our bags before I said goodbye to the driver, I noticed a funny smell. I definitly didn’t fart so the smell must of been coming form the sewers nearby as it stunk of egg.

This was not a good first impression but I guess it can’t be helped 😂

The building was huge, I believe there was approximately 8 floors in total with nearly 142 rooms, if you can believe it. Hotel 4 had six massive plant pots out the front entrance with bushes insid

e them, I liked this, as it looked very professional.

As I walked in, the interior was to die for. White tiled floor, so clean that I could see my reflection in it and beautiful red furniture and a matching front desk design. It was truly amazing.

When you look up you could see a dinning area on the next floor, it looked super posh. This was definitly a buisness hotel and not one that is gonna be packed with kids.

The gentleman at the front desk was incredibly nice and gave me brilliant customer service. He spoke to us about all the facilities avaliable to us and gave us the WIFI password – how can I complain?😍

It was my partners birthday while we were in Barcelona so I arranged with the gentleman to bring up a bottle of something nice as a suprise. It was way too fancy as I was not expecting a bucket of ice like in the movies to go with my wine 😂

Our room looked stunning, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo!

Here is what was avaliable in the room:

• Free cable
• Fridge
• Free deposit box/safe
• Kettle
• Air conditioning
• Shower
• Hairdryer
• Desk and chair
• Free water/juice
• Free dial up phone

As soon as I got in the room, I dashed my stuff to the side and ran to the window to draw the curtains. I was informed that I would be facing the Mediterranean sea but of course, I was not. Instead I faced a load of flats and a hostel, which at the same time every night (11pm), some old man would get naked and have a shower. We could literally see right into his bathroom.

My young eyes are tainted because of this.

I weren’t gonna complain because I’m here for a good time and couldn’t be asked, but more then likely I probably got the rooms mixed up.

On that note, the bed was extremely comfortable and the air con gave us a well-rested night for seven days.

I recieved room service about four times during my trip and I like to be offered the choice in payment. For example you could either pay in euros or add it to the bill at the end. I rather pay as I go along so I don’t forget about the build up of money I need to pay at then end of my vacation. There was one waiter who was absolutely lovely, he always offered me a choice in payment and never moaned once, always had a smile on his face. The other waiter that served me was miserable and constantly frowning. When I asked if it was ok to pay by euros he snapped at me and said no, I have to pay at the end because he didn’t want to sort out my change. I didn’t mean to upset him or make him go out of his way, he could of just asked if it was ok for me to pay later rather then snap at me.

I cannot fault the lovely cleaners that attended to my room. They always greeted me when we walked past and I had many conversations with the ladies through out the week. They did a brilliant job at clearing up my messy room and always made it smell fresh. I could not find a single spec of dust!

Continental breakfast was included with the price of the room, 6am-10am, I believe was the opening times of the restaurant.

The breakfast included a range of fruit, cheese, meats, crackers, cereals, crossiants, sweet pastries, cakes, friend eggs, scrambled eggs, mini cocktail sausages, smoked pieces of bacon, jam, brown & white bread and yogurt.

Drinks included orange juice, Apple juice, Yorkshire tea, fruity tea and water.

All the fruit was fresh and the pastries were to die for! The toast machine took about a million years to toastie, I aged waiting.

I must of ate nearly 50 eggs a day there, they fried the eggs to perfection! I found the scramble egg to become cold after a few minutes of being out on the heated shelf/warmer. I also felt like it was awkward when food had run out and we had to ask the waitress to bring out more, but that was probably me making it uncomfortable and not her.

It was a positive atmosphere and the interior and cleanliness of building was of top quality!

I would go back again but I probably wouldn’t pay for the breakfast as there is plenty of places to eat with more variety.

Lydia x

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