Barcelona: Sagrada Família


Hey all,

I went Barcelona late June and I haven’t actually spoke to anyone about it or how I found Spain in general.

So I’ve been thinking…Since I’m really enjoying doing this blog-thing so far, I might make a mini-series about the places I explored and the things I saw while I was in Barcelona.

What do y’all think?

Anyway, I’m gonna write about when I saw the Sagrada Família on my travels around the beautiful city. So much history, architecture and gourgous views! Barcelona is definitly a must-read on anyone’s bucket list!

I had my trusty little Lonely planet pocket guide with me, which was a complete life saver! If you’re interested or have never heard of this brand, please take some time and look at the hyperlink below 😊

I find these to be the best informed and most easy-read guides about! I’ll probably do a blog in the future about how much I love Lonely Planet!


Using my guide, it instructed me on what Metro station to go to and what stop to get off at. Suprisingly it wasn’t that hard to work out the metro as I had a copy of the lines in my guide. It was literally just like London, but in Spanish obviously 😂

The staff at each Metro station were very helpful, minus the rude people rushing to catch the train and shoulder barging me out the way, it was an alright experience. I got on a few wrong tubes so don’t think I’m perfect because I definitely shedded some tears when I thought I was lost 😂

Here a little bit of history about this one of a kind building! This temple celebrated its 135th anniversary last year in March and is currently under lots of construction (as seen in my photographs on my Instagram @backpacker_babe )

They are working on the Evangelists, the Virgin Mary and starting work on the tower of Jesus Christ. The Evangelists is 135 meters tall and the tower of Virgin Mary is about 138 meters tall. The tower of Jesus Christ they are currently working on is approximately 175 meters tall.

Check this link here for more history and how the Sagrada Família came to be! I was reading pages and pages on the temple online and in my pocket guide.

Let me tell you this, there is nothing better then asking one of the locals at the stalls about it. You really get the first had story from the ancestors that started this build!

The line you need for the Metro 🚈is: Sagrada Familia (Blue Line, L5) anined (Purple L, L2).

I stepped out of the Metro and what I saw was just AMAZING.

The Sagrada Família was absolutely beautiful, I just wanted to cry. It was a super sunny day so the way the sun was reflecting off the building was stunning.

I can’t even explain to you how beautiful the architecture is, I literally wanted to cry. There was so many tourist, it was choco-block.

I was gutted as all the viewings of the inside was booked till about 7:30pm and I must of got there at about half nine in tue morning. I was shocked but not suprised about the popularity of this build.

So unfortunately I was not able to get any photos of the inside due to it being booked out, I did try a other day but no spaces were avaliable.

Book in advanced If you want to actually get to see the inside of this one-of-a-kind building.

Some have tour guides, audio tour guides, tour of the local area, the towers and Gaudí museum. Though, just to have your bog standard ticket without a tour is only €15, not too bad in price. That’s if there’s a time slot avaliable..

I honestly wish I had the opportunity to go I side and have a look.. Until next time Barcelona..

Lydia x

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