My visit to Rutland Waters


Good morning!

I need to maintain this blog a lot more but trying to juggle this, sleep and work is seeming to be harder then I thought!

Last Sunday I went to Rutland Waters in Oakham, it was beautiful!

It is an internationally famous nature reserve and is in partnership with Anglian Water and Proctected by The Wildlife trust!

The reserve is about 9 miles long, covering 1000 acres!

This county park is the real bees-knees!

Rutland has just about everything; water sports, nature reserve, 30 bird watching facilities, cafes, guided walks, visitor centre and children’s play area.

I only saw a fraction of what this nature reserve had to offer and I plan on going back to investigate the other half! This is definitely an all-day trip!

There were sheep, cows and way to many types of birds but I think that is brilliant!

It also has a little beach with sand and you can go swim in the waters! Though that section is blocked diff from the rest so it is family-friendly to avoid any incidents.

Here is the direct link to the website and this gives you many details about the types of animals and wildlife you might find here. How it is protected and what the plans are for the future of Rutland waters. It also gives you a guide with what events are on and what are the highlights of the months ahead.

The staff in the visitor centre and cafes were lovely and knew so much about Rutland, that they could answer any of our questions on the history of the reseve and the surrounding areas. Very friendly atmosphere!

Cant wait to go back!

Lydia x

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