My Road Trip Didn’t Go To Plan..


Today was a disaster..Kinda..

So my partner had to drive down to West Sussex for a meeting; I tagged along as it was my day off and I had never been down that end of England so I thought I’d come along for the road trip.

It was about two and a half hour drive, we took the wrong turning twice and ended adding an extra 40 minutes to our drive; almost making us late to the meeting. The weather was poor which just made the journey drag.

We eventually made it to Ford with only a few minutes to spare to get to the meeting.

Ford is a little village in the Arun District in West Sussex, the river Arun runs through the county. The village has a HM prison, RAF Ford Battle of Britain airfield and the Royal Naval Air Station HMS Peregrine. Ford Railway Station is on the West Coastway Line which is a listed building and an Industrial estate with a few units. There was a pub, camp site, some very fancy houses and a mobile home site.

I couldn’t attend this meeting personally with her so I thought I would do a bit of exploring and to see what this village had to offer.

Once she had dashed off to business, I was left to my own devises. All I had on me my camera bag in hopes of finding a good shot between this rain and grumpy weather.

I started to walk up the main road as on the way through the villiage I saw model of a aircraft for the RAF and I really want to get a photo of it.


I was dying to go toilet and thought I’d make it my mission to explore this place and find a loo as soon as possible; though unfortunately Google Maps was not helping me find a toilet and signal was very poor. I was not impressed!

I should have known this wasn’t going to run smoothly; I going to pack toilet roll in my camera bag from now.on incase these kinda emergencies occurred. If one day I have to see in a bush, so be it…

I walked what felt like 2 miles but it probably wasn’t even one, there was no shop (This was before I done my Google research in Ford). Little a creepy drive way to a pub, fancy houses and a train station. I just of not been wishing hard enough ad I didn’t find a public toilet..

I left my purse at home so when I went to the pub (Hoping for a wee and a pint) they said that they don’t accept contactless or card, just cash – So I was a bit stumped but what did I expect from a small village..

This is just a picture of some pretty house..

So I went along on a mission to find somewhere else that had a toilet…hoping to not pre myself while I was at it..

I have gotten too use to being in a big town with shops with toilets. After walking for a further half hour I noticed a train station, I must of sprinted there so fast in fear of urinating myself.

I ran through the ticket door to the ladies and screw a duck, the door was locked. The sign on the door said “Locked due to permanent valdnism”.

I’m not lying to you guys when I say I actually stood there and cried.

It was about time I just accepted that I would have to drop my draws and pee in a bush..

I saw a row of fancy cottages and thought I’m not knocking on someones door to use the bathroom because I’ve seen way too many movies and I refuse to be chopped up into little pieces in a strangers house.

But I thought this was a risk I was going to have to take, it was that or wet myself and I dont think I could walk back to my partner after her meeting smelling like a pubs toilet.

A sign caught my eye (No, it wasn’t a stairway to heaven), it was a dogs kennel sign and I thought if I was gonna get murdered and turned into dogs

meat at least they’d have a decent meal? It would be for the doggos and that..

I walked up the poarch towards the entrance of the kennels and the house was beautiful! It had a small reception which looked so homely and when I

pressed the doorbell two dogs jumped out of nowhere near the windows. a little jack russel and a big white furry monster.

If this is how im suppose to die, then so be it.

Some young lad opened the door and asked if i was okay; I told him if he knew where the nearest public toilets were as google map wasnt telliing me

anything and the train station toilet was locked. Without hestitation, the guy said to come in and I could use the bathroom there.

I literally could of made out with the lad, I was so blessed to relieve myself. It was a big risk got both me and him but my luck was starting to change..

One of two things was gonna happen once I leave this toilet.

1) I will thank the guy and be on my way

2) I’ll have an axe shoved in the back of my head and fed to the hounds

Though to my shocking (and more realistic side) I wasn’t murdered and I thanked the guy and sprinted off down the drive before he changed his mind.

So I guess this “disaster” story was just about me trying to find a toilet ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค™

Hope you enjoyed!

Lydia x

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