Irchester Country Park


So today I thought I’d go for a little walk around Irchester Country Park before work with my partner.

It was a rainy day, so the weather wasnt the best and I was worried about water damage for my camera so it spent most of the time under my coat, but I still manged to get some semi-decent shots!

This is a country park located just outside Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, it is a very popular destination for locals – especially during summer time as it can be very hard to even get a parking spot.


The park covers approximately 200 acres of woodland, the trails are endless and everything I go here I find I always end up somewhere different and can capture some truly amazing shots! This park also has a massive meadow that hosts many parties and group projects over the year.

There is also a quarry that holds an amazing view, definitely a must-see!

This park is opened all year round with paid parking. I believe parking is ÂŁ3 for 3 hours and ÂŁ5 for all day parking. Which I think is a fair price and similar for most country parks in Northamptonshire.


Irchester has a massive playground with climbing frames and swings all made out of natural resources!

There is also a zip wire that take you over the quarry, the country park has got funds to work more on the Quarrey and Jurassic sector of the park to help educate visitors on the history of the area. There is also a little cafe near the children’s park and they do an amazing hot chocolate!


The country park also has its own museum but is only open on a sunday by volunteers. Irchester Narrow Gauge Railway Museum is home to a collection of exhibits and industrial artefacts, which include steam and diesel locomotives, a life-size diorama of a quarry, along with many other interesting displays.

This is the blog for today, sorry it isn’t very long. I rushed it a little bit and wish I spent more time on it!

Hope y’all having a great Sunday!

Lydia x

Contact Details for park:
Irchester Country Park
Gypsy Lane

Little Irchester


NN29 7DL

Telephone: 0300 126 5934

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