My Travel Journal Must-Haves!


Good afternoon, good evening and good night!

For nearly two years now I have had a crazy addiction to travel journals!

I love having one with me everywhere I go, whether it is to work or on the bus or shopping – It is my number one item. I remember this more than I actual do my purse, how bad is that?

For those that don’t know what a travel journal is, it is basically book where you write down about all the trips you’ve taken and experiences you’ve had.

Some say it’s kind of like a diary but I see it as a book of memories and stories of discovering myself as an individual.

I know that sounds really artsy but it’s true!

I came across these when I first got Instagram and I must have been looking on Pinterest for hours! There was so much inspiration running through my blood that I felt like I was gonna explode. This is probably because I have had passion for crafting and travelling for such a long time, I was actually shocked about bring both of them hobbies together and making an on-the-go scrapbook!

No matter where I am whether I’m at home or in another country, I know when inspiration hits, all I need to do is whip out my travel journal! If I have my camera, I can stick a picture in there from that exact moment and it is an amazing feeling!

Long story short, I thought I would write a little (But long) list of all my travel journal essentials! I hope you’re prepared because this involves a lot of stickers and will enhance that travel addiction!

The Travel journal

When it comes to the selection of the travel journal, I know it can be difficult to pick one as they come in all sort of shapes, sizes and colours. I suggest a long slim travel journal with a leather or moleskin cover. Long and slim because it will fit in any space you can squeeze it and leather because this journal is gonna travel with you to many destinations – you want it to last, right? Trust me, you are gonna find a lot of travel journals but you need to focus and find one that you can truly make your own!

Heres a few examples:

By Flying Tiger


By Harry Styles


Travel Scratch Cards

This product is super cute! It comes with a little booklet (Which I havent yet used if I’m gonna be honest) and 8 postcard size scratch maps: Australasia, Africa, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, World Maps and Europe. You can scratch off the cities and countries you’ve been too and they should all slide in your travel journal! I love scratch maps and to have one you can travel with that doesn’t takeup your whole wall is pretty awesome. The little booklet that comes with it has loads of planning materials and a good lay out to jot down travel ideas, flights and other little notes.

by Luckies of London


Washi Tape

Who needs glue when you have washi tape! This is decorative tape that you can use for near-enough everything and it looks so cool! I always keep a spare role in my handbag because I never know when I may need some, especially when it comes to my journal! You can get assort of patterns from floral to glitter! Though since this is a travel blog, I’m gonna show you a few of my favourite travel-themed washi tape!

Here are a few examples:

By SusieBSupplies


By Zhi Jin




Travel Stickers

The main essential to all travel journals is of course the stickers! I started off with a few different travel sticker sheets from Amazon before I set off on my destination. A little secret, you actually pick up most of your journal stickers when you’re out and about. When I’m in London, I always find countless of stickers, most of the time I never have enough journal space for all the stickers I buy!

By Me & My Big Ideas


By Peter Pauper Press


I know this is a little bit different from my usual travel themed blogs but just thought I’d show you my crafty side. I’d love to have some feedback from you guys as well so please don’t forget to comment! It was interesting to write this little post, but I didn’t find it very motivating so I will not do them too often!

Speak soon,

Lydia-Rose x


This is purely a donation to help support me in becoming a full-time blogger and to be able to go to all these amazing destinations to write quality content for you guys!


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