An Adventurous Day In London


On the rare occasion me and my girlfriend actually have a weekend off together, we thought we should make some use of it and take a trip to London since it was Christmas and all that..

Instagram is a big influence on where I want to go and what time of year, after all – isn’t that is why Instagram was made? To show case amazing pictures and inspiring people? To be a travel and lifestyle influencer would be amazing but I think I’ve got alot more hard work to do on both my blog and social media..

I got up at about 4AM as I wanted to get up and make sure I looked presentable for any photos I may be in. I’m not as fashionable as I would like to be, so picking a weather appropriate outfit that actually looked nice was incredibly hard!

After about 30 minutes trying to decided what outfit looks good (with the help of my sister), I chose a black turtleneck (Matalan) with dungarees (Pep&Co) and a rainbow cardigan (NewLook) with a pair of Nike kharki Suede AirForce Trainers. Along with my snood (Home Bargins) and beanie from (Urban Outfitters).

As you can tell from this horrifying close up of me on the tube..

It took approximately an hour and twenty minutes drive to Wembley, which was the area where we were staying in London – Have a look here at our Airbnb!

We found a parking lot that was only Β£10 a day parking, which was pretty good as majority of the other parking places available we was looking at Β£20 + Which was understandable as it was right next to the Wemberly stadium..

Though this was the closest parking to our Airbnb, it was still a five minute walk there and another ten minute walk in the opposite direction to Wemberly Park Underground. I better of lost some calories after this trip!

First place I headed too was the Photographer’s Gallery. This is in the heart of Soho via the Oxford Circus. The building was hidden round a corner by an alley way – I almost walked right by it! It was amazing, I saw it in my Lonely Planet guide and knew that I had to go, since I am an aspiring travel photographer. I found it very educational and I was obsessed with the gift shop! Lots and lots of naked people on postcards, they were so unique I had to buy them all! Worth it πŸ˜‰ Free admission if visit before 12pm and Β£5.00 entry anytime after, which I think is a fair price for three floors of art work. They also do British-sign language exhibits there, which is pretty awesome and I recommend everyone to go see!

Once we finished at the gallery we went for a little walk around Soho and used trusty Google maps to try and find Convent Gardens. On our journey we came across so may theatre’s, which looked absolutely amazing 😍 I honestly wish I could of gone to them all! There was Chicago, Kinky boots and Matilda! I never knew there could be so much going on In one place!

Though at these points, I had no idea where we were but though – Isn’t this the best kind of adventure? I loved just walking round, exploring new places with my camera and my girlfriend!

Shortly after we came across the most instagrammed-pub: Crown & Anchor (Sorry, I edited the photo – It wasn’t actually snowing)!

How beautiful is this pub? At one point I saw it everywhere on Instagram and now to actually see it is person…Wow. This pub leaks magic..(Even more so with the snowy edits πŸ˜‰)

From here, we walked straight up the street till.we saw the beautiful entry to Convent Gardens. My Lonely Planet guide was right about how stunning (and very busy!) It would be!

First thing we came to was a massive crowd of people and since I’m a nosey person, I wanted to find out what was going on. Convent Garden is the only place where street entertainment can presents without paying tax! How cool is that? There was this man standing on a box doing magic tricks. Now, when I say magic tricks I don’t mean pull rainbow tissues out his sleeve. I’m talking about; swallowing balloons, cutting holes in coats and disappearing holes and quality communication via entertainment. This guy was putting on a show like his life depended on it!

Once the show was dome and I donated some coins, I then began to walk around the entrance to the Convent Market and I fell in love with everything I saw! A car that was stacked with presents and a GIANT Chanel bottle – I want one!

The actual market was amazing, there was just about everything and anything in there! As it was Christmas Time the place was rammed but worth every moment!

Once we finished spending all our money at the cute market stalls, we found ourselves walking in a totally opposite direction. This was without Google maps or my guide book – Just being pure adventurous. We ended up near the Nation Portrait Gallery, which wasn’t too far from Westminster I remembered.

I went into The National Art Gallery because it was already in my sights-to-see! As soon as I went in I had to be sear he’d and go through massive metal alarms, due to all the recent terrorism attacks in London I’m not surprised. Though what I saw in that gallery was absolutely breathtaking! I actually cried at some of the art work because it was so stunning.

My favourite painting of all, had to be Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. A true artist who had so much talent.. I’ve always been a fan since I was in school – I was so emotionally connected to this artist. Anyone else agree? I must of bought all the postcards in the gift shop – I think I have a serious problem!

So after a few hours at the National Art Gallery, I took a stroll around Southbank. This is where I saw the beautiful River Thames, London Eye and London Bridge! It was a long but stunning view for a walk around πŸ™ˆ

Our last main spot of sight-seeing before I called it a night was Camden! If y’all have been, you know what I mean. I love street art and I adore graffiti! So Camden is the best place to be, though I went later in in the evening and I regretted that as my shots weren’t as clear and a few scary drunk people. I’ll learn for next time!

That is the end of my tail, my adventurous trip to London has ended and back to work the next day!

If you have made it this far in the blog without passing out, I congratulate you! Comment below as you’ve won a free London Postcard! 😘 ❀️

Thank you all πŸ’ž

Lydia X


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