How I Create Covers For My Instagram Story Highlights


Since Instagram has created Stories and highlights, I have seen thousands and thousands of accounts with rather groovy covers for their profile.

If you don’t know what I mean, it’s all these little pictures that you see just below your bio. Normally from stories you’ve saved to your highlights.

See below ⬇️

I love insta stories as it is similar to snapchat and a great way to show viewers what you’re up too on your travels.

Quick and easy.

So not only do they last for just 24hrs, you can save and ‘highlight’ the very best of your stories for you to showcase on your profile!

Next thing I knew, loads of influencers are using these and making cute little covers for all their separate highlights As you can see from above, my highlights categories consist of “Me & Chants”, “Brighton” and “London”. This is a gathering of some of my most memorable stories!

So, I decided that I need to have these covers in my life because they are not only cute – but makes my profile look super organised! I’m definitely all about that 💁‍♀️

I must have gone through pages and pages of different apps on the Play store. Then I came across this app called Canva.

This was just by pure chance and I have fallen in love with this app.

Canva helps users to create stunning designs for a number of things, like:

  • Business cards
  • Invitations
  • Logo
  • Labels
  • Photo Collage
  • Card
  • Flyer
  • Poster
  • CV
  • Instagram story posts
  • Announcements
  • Facebook cover
  • WhatsApp story
  • Pinterest Graphic
  • Twitter posts
  • Bookmarks

I haven’t yet worked out to do most of these yet, but it’s a work in progress 🙈

Now, to the interesting bit of this post, if you want to find out how to make these cute highlight covers – Please continue reading!

Once you have downloaded Canva from your app store, double-click and open the app. (Please ignore my random choices of apps).

Once the App has loaded, you should arrive at the home page (Above). This is where you’ll see all the different options for what of design your like to make. For this post, we’re gonna click ‘Logo’ with the blue circular icon. I’ve chosen Logo because they have a lot of varied designs tha suit your highlight covers!

Once you have clicked on ‘Logo’, a list like above will pop up with all the types of themes you could you. I chose Art / Design Logo as that seemed more fitting with my whole attempt-to-be-a-blogger thing 😂 Make sure you have a flick through at all the different designs, you never know what ones may catch your eye!

I scrolled down the list till I found a circle design and I knew I could make it fit as cover with a big of cropping. As you can see, I picked out this beautiful grey design with like a leafy wreath going round the writing – Could help with my niche as well! Double click on your chosen design ❤(Lots of examples at end of post)

You can pick and choose what style of writing you want for your cover, there are hundreds to choose from! I like the original design font; Playlist Script. It’s girly and cute – Totally not me but would look cool 😂

You can also adapt the size and colour of your font to suit your style.

Double click of the pre-written message to change and amend it with your chosen title for your highlights.

Heres are a few examples of th highlight titles I’ve had and use

  • A country
  • A particular year
  • Food
  • Besties
  • Me & Beer
  • Dogged

I recommend adding your cheeky Insta name on there as well, extra coverage for your gram 💁‍♀️ Promote yourself as much as possible!

This particular Logo had an extra text box that I had no use for, so I deleted it. Though please don’t let that stop you from adding more and making your cover personal to you! I do think less is more but this is your Insta and you need to make it your own 💞

Once you have done that, you have completed your first highlight cover! When you are fully happy with the style, font and colour – Your masterpiece is done!

Above is my finalised piece. I’m so happy with it, I’m actually going to apply these to my Instagram! 😝There are no boundaries, be creative as you like and let your soul lead you. Check below for the final outcome ⬇️

What do you think?

Did you find this post healpful?

What could I have done to improve this post?

Comment on this post or E-Mail me directly at:

Here are a few more examples of the types of covers I’ve made for my Highlights:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope you all found it useful. I would love to see your highlight cover designs! Please comment your Instagram username and I’ll go over to your account and have a look! Do you use a different App? if so, I’d love to hear and give it a try!

Until next time,

Lydia x


This is purely a donation to help support me in becoming a full-time blogger and to be able to go to all these amazing destinations to write quality content for you guys!


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