My busy day at Camp Nou in Barcelona!


Good evening!

I haven’t really spoke much about my trip to Barcelona and think it is about time I opened up and discussed about my trip. I have made a few odd posts which were from my first days as a blogger and are of very poor quality, so I have done some more researched and have revamped the posts!

My partner is a crazy football fan and she was ecstatic about visiting the Barcelona stadium known as Camp Nou!

The official website for Camp Nou can be found Here

Camp Nou is the home of FC Barcelona; it was opened in 1957 and is a beloved place for all families and residents in Spain. It is a very popular local and tourist destination, definitely a must-see on the site seeing in Barcelona! Camp Nou was originally called Les Corts but was rebuilt and modernised due to the popularity of the stadium. The locals recalled the refurbished stadium ‘Camp Nou’; meaning ‘new grounds’. The title has stuck since, adding that bit of originally to the already amazing city.

It is the biggest stadium in Europe!

With a total capacity of 99,354 people, it is completely insane!

It is a massive stadium, 48 meters tall and covers a total of 55,000 square meters since the refurbishment! I have searched high and low for the rest of my photos from Camp Nou but I have lost one of my back-up drives and only have one photo from the original version of this post.

The stadium has many features which appeal to the fans and that anyone can access on the tour. This includes:

• Presidential box
• The press rooms
• Television studios
• The sports medicine centre
• The UCO
• The veterans players area
• The FC Barcelona club museum
• Players changing rooms
• The chapel

There is so much to see and there is no time limit; which means me and my partner didn’t have to rush around to catch up with a tour guide; just us and our camera’s.

Link for tickets is here:

To explore the stadium and museum in your own time is only €25, which I found to be a pretty reasonable price and a lot cheaper than many stadiums here in Britain. Especially for the amount of quality and history you saw.

For a guided group tour, it is approximately €50. This lasts about an hour and a half, available in both Spanish and English. You’ll get true stories from an expert tour guide.

You can also get a VIP ticket called “Players experience tour” which costs €139 euros. This includes a tour guide, a visit into the FC Barcelona changing rooms, walk along the pitch, sit in press room and a personalised photos of the visit.

Even though I am not a major Football fan, I thought it was an incredible experience and a definite sight-see if anyone is in Barcelona. The atmosphere when you’re walking around the stalls; I honestly wish I was at one of their matches because I don’t think they’ll be another experience like it.

The stadium was lovely and clean, not a single bit of litter found and not a spec of dust on the trophy cabinets! The staffs were so friendly and helpful as well!

The museum was amazing, the self-guided tour was amazing and the FC Barcelona store was amazing – What more can I saw? My first experience at a football stadium and I loved it.

I would definitely do this experience again, it was fun, engaging and at a very good price!

Lydia x


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