My first EVER AirBnB stay!

Hotel Reviews

We have been planning to go to London this month because the city is looking on point on Instagram and we were dying to take some photos! Especially since it’s Christmas time so the city is glittered up to high heavens, there is Winter Wonderland as well as the endless sightseeing..

Though rather than rushing to spend as much daylight as possible before going home, I thought I’d book a hotel! Though as many of you know, London is not the cheapest place to stay the night…So I braved it and looked on Airbnb

I have seen millions of recommendations on Airbnb‘s from across the globe and it has definitely been on my to-do list!

For those that don’t know what Airbnb is, it is a website/App where people can rent out spare rooms or property to travellers and business people for a small fee – a lot cheaper than a hotel!

It is a good website for those that may want to save money or have a bit of privacy compared to a hostel. The company also helps promote people’s businesses like restaurants, sight-seeing tours, cookery classes and the list goes on!

There is a lot of experiences on offer!

I was looking for a place close to the underground and had its own bathroom, after browsing 30 homes, I finally found the perfect place in near Wembley.

When I say it was stunning on the website, I mean it was S T U N N I N G.

All the pictures shown looked amazing! beautifully decorated, with an En suite. Television, working desk area and a lot of space – for only Ā£40! That is a bargain as many previous times I’ve stayed in London I’ve always paid Ā£80+ for a hotel room for two.

We arrived in London early morning but couldn’t book in till 2pm, so we went on a little adventure (Check most recent blog) until then. We found parking about a five minute walk from where we were staying, called Greenparking and had about 80 spaces – only Ā£10 for a day! Not bad, I was expecting it to be a lot more then that so I can’t grumble! The underground was approx 10 minutes away from the room and only 5 away from the car.

Since it was only a short walk to the Airbnb, it literally didn’t take us long at all. The host sent me the code to access the building, as there was a little keypad on the front door. She also sent us what room number is ours, which was four, that had a key pad with a unique code on it as well, just for me.

Rather than it being I someone’s home, it was converted into a private hostel kind of thing. Each bedroom had its own private toilet and shower, with a shared kitchen. The kitchen was lovely and clean as we made chicken wraps that night, had all the bits and pieces we have a home. Nice.

The room was beautiful and cosy! Very very clean! You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from this room and a hotel, I swear! I honestly would stay here again. The other people in the house were super quiet, as if no one was there!

Lovely and private, I would definitely use Airbnb again!

I did forget to take photos as or was a hetic weekend! I’ll try to remember next time!

Lydia x


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