My Top 5 Best And Worse Purchases – On Amazon


Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would do a slightly different blog post, full disclosure though – This has affiliate links. Hopefully that hasn’t put you off and you still want to read on! I thought I would share my 5 best purchases and worse purchases on Amazon. So, kind of ironic as I am promoting both products I loved and products I dislike. I am going to be honest, this isn’t completely travel related as I have hair products on my list – which I do take with me when I am aboard and travelling.

As always, these are purely my own opinion, I am in now way being sponsored to write a good or bad review – just an honest one. Though if you do deiced to get the product I have recommended, I thank you in advanced as you are helping and supporting my dream of becoming a blogger! Please comment below if you have purchased a product due to this post or if you have had similar experience or opinion on a product. I’d love to know!

No back to the slightly interesting bit, below are my top 5 best and worse products I have bought off Amazon!


We shall start off with a positive, my recent most favourite product that I have bought off Amazon has to be L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Leave-in Conditioner! My hairdresser introduced me to this product and I became in love!

This stay-in conditioner is ideal for those with split ends as the idea of it is to reduce the need for trimming your hair. Before I go bed and after I have done my little face routine, I like to brush a small amount of this cream through my hair. I currently have above the shoulder length hair so I do not have to use a lot, as stated on the bottle I leave this in. When I wake up in the morning my hair feels refreshed and does not feel as dry, which is ideal.

I also use this as heat protection when needing heat protection. After I wash my hair, I towel dry it and then rake the cream through it before hair drying and I also re-cream the ends of my hair when I start straightening. My hair has to inured a lot of pain, that is why I purchase so many lotion and potions for it! When I was first recommended this product, I went downtown to look in my local health and beauty shops and the price for it was a bit steep to what my hairdresser informed me, I was looking at buying it for around £7-£9 – this varied in each shop. This is why I thought I would take a look on Amazon and would you believe it, the product was only £3.80 – so much cheaper then my local!  I have been using it and buying it online ever since!



Let me tell you about these packing cubes! Honestly one of the best products I have bought when it comes to my busy travelling lifestyle!

I was suggested by an old friend to try using packing cubes to reduce the clutter in my suitcase as I try to be a neat packer but I just end up cramming it all in and hoping I wont need to open it until I am in my hotel/hostel. This helps me to reduce the amount of crap I take, As I don’t really need 16 pairs of underwear for a 3 day trip, just incase I wee myself like three times a day. These cubes help me be more savvy when packing and to focus on the true necessities. I also find that they help me be more neater when I actually arrive at my destination, rather then throwing all my clothes about to find a lipstick that is hidden at the bottom of my case (Yes, I know most people have a make-up bag already but I am just THAT girl). I would know that my make-up is in one particular section along with my socks, underwear and electrical’s.

Also, they come in all sort of cute and crazy colours, I personally prefer the pink but you can definitely go for something more subtle. To be fair, You could just type up ‘packing cubes’ on Amazon and you would find thousands of different types, these are just my favourite and you get more for your money at £17.


This next product killed my skin. I know a lot of people rave about T-Zone and I do agree that their Spot zapping cream works wonders but this black head facial scrub felt like I was washing my face with a broom. I did not enjoy this product, I know the grittie bits are to help remove the dead skin but in all honestly, it felt like it was peeling my skin off.

I have used many similar products in the past but none that had felt this uncomfortable. Do not get me wrong, I know this works well for some people but for me – definitely not. The price of the product is really good – £2 at most, though currently only 99p on Amazon. I am just not a fan of grit like creams on my face, i am not sure what I expected as you can clearly see this in the product bottle.

This next review of mine is probably down to my own personal stupidity.

When you are going to stay at a hostel, make sure you get a big enough padlock for your locker, otherwise you’ll end up paying nearly 10 euros for a lock that actually fits and you will feel like a dumb-ass. Long story short, last time I went away I bought two of these combination locks for both me and my girlfriend thinking I was being smart and knowing I’m going to reduce my chances of suffering from theft. Once I got there, I realised that the padlock was actually too small to clip over the locker. I did get very frustrated and ended up breaking a nail in the process, which just made things ten times worse! For £6 you can’t go wrong, but just be smart and think that you’ll need an extended bendy combination lock for the risk of the lockers not being generic!



For all those regular travellers, I am sure you’ll agree with me that a decent eye-mask is a worthy investment – especially for those long haul flights!

Along with decent earplugs and travel cushion – you are due a decent nap with minor interruptions!

I have had my Unimi eye mask for a while now and because it comes with a little bag, I haven’t yet lost it! Trust me, this is a first for me! This mask is super soft due to all the layers it is made out of and does not feel like I have clingfilm wrapper round my head, which some sleep-masks do feel like. I prefer this one because it has a bit of fabric going across the nose, which is so much more comfortable and helps to block put complete light –  Though it is a shame that it doesn’t help stop my snoring! 

So there you have it, my top five best and worse products that I have bought off Amazon! Not my most thrilling post but hey, if you feel sorry for me please click on one of these pictures and feel free to purchase a product so I can earn a small commission – Everyone has to start somewhere! Even if it is reviewing a sleep mask and a gritty face scrub.

Until next time,

Lydia x


This is purely a donation to help support me in becoming a full-time blogger and to be able to go to all these amazing destinations to write quality content for you guys!


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