Spring Break 2019 Amsterdam Festival


Before you go any further, this is purely my opinion and I believe everyone should not stop doing things they want to do because someone had a shitty experience and made a blog post about it.

So, I got sent a video on Instagram by my girlfriend (@lorenchante), which was of course the Spring Break festival advertising for the 2019 tickets in Amsterdam. It was showing people dancing to club/drum and base music, which wasn’t really our usual scene but Chante really wanted to go so we said screw it and bought some tickets.


Rather then just getting two separate tickets, I bought a combo of two entry wrist bands, two t-shirts and a food discount wrist band for £257.24.

This was pretty reasonable and so far has been the cheapest festival tickets I’ve ever bought and I’ve been to many festivals. You could pay thousands for a concert or festival and be super disappointed by the performance 🤷‍♀️ It was spontaneous and neither of us had ever heard of it so we thought f*ck it, lets go.

Anyway, it was a good excuse to go Amsterdam for the weekend as neither of us have ever been to the city and The Netherlands has been on the top of our list for a while. The next day we booked the dates off work and now for the long weight!

My biggest issue was probably trying to find a decent outfit for the 3 nights of partying! Though after three days of constant online browsing for the perfect outfits, I finally found some on Simply Be. Maybe one day I will create a LookBook to show you guys my outfit – once I gain a bit of body confidence, that is..

As you can see below, the company sent me a little map of where the clubs that the festival is being held. There was a total of five venues where people could move between to see their favourite acts. I like this as this gave a diverse range of choices and still gave an outdoor festival vibe.

SB map.png

The Box was only for those that had bought the Party day ticket, it was a warehouse style rave which was pretty awesome and gave those constant parties somewhere to go.  The company that run Spring Break also had a party boat, the options for this festival was endless. I honestly do not think I could of coped with the constant partying, at 21 years old I am a whimp. I would of ended passing out!

sb line up.png

The line up was what really caught my attention of the whole festival, the fact that Rudimental DJ was playing was pretty awesome. So, even though we were not clubbers, it still sounded really cool! 

If you love clubbing and drinking, I highly recommend doing this festival! Unfortunately, Chante got food poising so she was unable to attend so I braved it and went to the festival on my own. In all honesty, one of the worse decisions I have made because drunk people are scary and I was not prepared to drink that much because I was on my own and didn’t know the city that well. This made it harder to really enjoy the festival to the fullest but you win some and lose some.

I think I would of enjoyed it more if I had Chante and my friends with me, but there was no way I was losing out on what I paid for the tickets. I gave my spare wristbands to a randomer who i saw constantly throughout the festival and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves – You go Glen Coco!

That is all for today, I do think if you love this kind of thing you should definitely give it a try! They even have their own smoking room in each club!

Lydia x


This is purely a donation to help support me in becoming a full-time blogger and to be able to go to all these amazing destinations to write quality content for you guys!


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