Hotel Review: The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel in Brighton

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I have finally got round to writing my review on The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel!

I have so much going on that I feel like my blog is really slacking and I do not want that! This blog is like my little baby, I need to nurture it more and show it some love.

Anyway. The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel was a spontaneous last-minute stay, like

literally ten minutes before we turned up at Brighton and Hove. Originally we were just going to stay in the car and camp out but I became incredibly grouchie after the long travel of three hours and my body told me that I needed a bed. ASAP.

I checked out Booking for what was available for a reasonable price; which was of course The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel for only £35. This was a pretty good price for something so short notice AND on the seafront, so I reserved a double bedroom and continued the rest of our journey through the seaside town.


Minus the cost of the parking, it was pretty easy to find the public car park. I am talking about £28 a day, which did make my eyes water as we planned on spending three nights there in Brighton. The things we do for travel! The car park was about a five minute walk from the hotel, though I will warn you it is an upsetting walk as you pass a lot of tents where the homeless have set up for the night.

Anyway, I had my bag and suitcase already to jump into the hotel room and pass out. The building was beautiful on the outside, after checking the website I found out that the hotel was originally built in the 1820’s! They also weren’t wrong when they said it was on the seafront, about 20 steps and I would of been in the ocean!

I opened the door and walked up to the reception, let me tell you that the man at the desk looked more of a body guard. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but he looked really scary. He had a really deep voice and his frown was stabled to his face. I said that I had a reservation under the name Button and he shoved me two key cards and said that our room is on the fourth floor. my anxiety was through the roof, I said thank you and dashed off in homes to not make him look any more pissed off. Then again, i know how annoying it is to be on a night-shift but this hotel is known to be family-friendly and I am pretty sure I am gonna have nightmares about that guy.

While I was waiting for my lift to come down, I had a good look around the reception and had a peek at the dining area. There was a musky but slightly mouldy smell, though this could just be because I’m overtired and am just picking things wrong with the hotel because the receptionist never smiled at me when I was smiling at him like an idiot.

The design of the reception area and dining room was kept to like the original design, which I love as it gave it a more period-look. I used the lift to go up to the fourth floor as I was not risking the chances of me passing out! The lift was really small, I do not think a wheelchair could get in there so just giving you an honest heads up! My elbows was touching other-side of the wall, the lift smelt of urine and the the wallpaper was peeling off the walls – perfect. This looked like a scene from a Scooby-Doo show.

My room was right at the end of the corridor, up some steps and just past a cleaning cupboard that had piles and piles of toilet rolls outside of it – I mean, it was £35? Do I have the cheek to complain?

I unlocked the hotel room and entered, I swear to you that I literally threw my suitcase and bag on the floor and dive bombed on the bed. It felt like I just threw myself on a pile of bricks but it honestly felt so good to be in a bed, I am so glad I decided not to wing it and sleep in the car. Chante would of ended up paying for it as I would of been in a terrible mood. Though with how the bed felt, there wasn’t that much difference from this and the backseat of the Polo.


While I was laying out on the bed, I thought I would check how much the hotel room was originally priced at before the major discount as it being short notice and to my shock – £129.00. Already I can honestly tell you that I have paid that amount for Hotels a hell of a lot better, but of course this is only my opinion. Everyone should make assumptions based on their own experiences, not other people’s. Just because my experience so far hasn’t been the greatest, this does not mean your experience would be the same.

Looking around the room, the design was very nice, minus the cob webs in the corners of the room. The en-suit was a new build, you can tell as it was styled completely different and there were no cracks in the walls. There was an alarming amount of hair in the bath but that got washed down the drain once the water started running. Also, there was a giant window that gave you a direct view of the seafront. This was definitely the winning feature! I opened the window wide and the fresh sea air filled the bedroom – perfection. This is why I come all the way to the coast as it just gives me pure nostalgia of my childhood; spending long days on the beach with my parents and sisters.

Anyway, that night I slept in the clothes that I arrived in. No shame. I was that tired I literally passed out. Let me tell you this – This was my biggest mistake. After I opened the window to get a whiff of the fresh air, I forgot to close it or even shut it a little bit. I woak up at 6am with a SEAGULL in my room. Yes, you read that right – A SEAGULL. My worse experience yet, I screamed the hotel down. The Seagull panicked and flew out of the room. The bird was probably more frightened then what I was, my make-up was all over the place and I was pretty sure I was gonna have a panic attack.

My girlfriend woak up and got into a karate position ready to attack whoever was in our room. I quickly ran and closed the window, there was like six seagulls sitting outside our window.  I have honestly never pooed myself so quickly. I was staring at the seagulls outside the window for like five minutes and they were just staring back – they won the challenge as I quickly shut the curtains and ran back to the bed to my protector.

They were not no average seagulls, they were HUGE like the length of both my arms. I had to google to find out what breed they were; Great black-backed gull was the name. Here is a link to give you a rough idea. If you’ve clicked on the link, you would understand why I had kittens when I saw one of these in my hotel room. I mean, this isn’t really the hotel’s fault but I would of appreciated knowing that these birds are brave enough to fly through the window to have a nose!

There was no way on Earth I could go back to sleep after this and had definitely ruined my hotel trip, I know it is not the birds fault but god, I though I was going to pass out with that sitting on the edge of my bed!


It was not the most partially nice sleep I have ever had, like I mentioned previously about sleeping on a tone of bricks. My back was killing and my throat was sore from me screaming. That was a great ‘Welcome to Brighton’, I will not be forgetting this hotel anytime soon.

Lydia x


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