Street Art Of Birmingham

Birmingham, Europe, Photography

This is going to be a post that will be updated regularly, so every time you view it – there will be new content! Obviously based on the street art in Birmingham 😊 Please don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any updates!

I spend an awful lot of time time in Birmingham and so it makes sense for me to post out all the street art I found over the years.

Birmingham is like the next biggest city (I think) to London and so every time I go there is always somewhere new to explore – With lots of new Street Art!

So the first 4 Pictures below are all in the gay village in Birmingham, if you’ve never been I highly recommend going because it is an amazing area and you will meet truly amazing people there. Of course, all the street art and the murals are all going to be based on LGBT community, which is just awesome.

The next piece mural that I haven’t seen on my past couple of trips to Birmingham is the one of David Bowie on Dudley Street – I love this piece 😍 David Bowie is one of my top favourite singers and my favourite song has to be ‘Life On Mars’! Comment below your top Bowie song!

Keep an eye out for more amazing street art of Birmingham on this very blog post!

Lydia xx


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