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My name is Lydia-Rose and I am an amateur Travel and Lifestyle blogger.

I’m 21 years old and I come from a small market town called Wellingborough in the East Midlands of the UK!

I work full-time as a care assistant and in my free time, I like to:

  • Travel to different Countries
  • Explore cities and rural areas.
  • Document my travels on Instagram
  • Take street photography and photos of inspirational things
  • Craft!
  • Update my Travel Journal

Photo took by Chante Carter

(Convent Gardens in London)

I started this blog because I have a passion fo travelling and I have fallen in love with the community surrounding! There are so many inspirational people online and I have learnt so much from them as well as I have made many friends. This is why I’ve been inspired to create my own blog so I can share my own stories and hopefully I can pass on the love of travelling!

(Dessert shop in Amsterdam)

Photo took by Chante Carter

I aim for this blog to be about my travel trips and lifestyle tips; so I guess a little bit of everything! I will be talking about my hotel and hostel stays, cafe reviews, photography, trip plans and flights.

This whole blog thing might flop, but so far I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to share my ideas and stories with the world.

( Houses of Parliament)

Photo took by Chante Carter

Feel free to follow me to keep updated on my travels or to email me at lydiabackpackerbabe@outlook.com if you fancy a natter!

Don’t forget to pop over to my social media:

Instagram @Backpacker_Babe

Twitter @backpacker_bab

Lydia x

Founder of Backpacker Babe Blog

(Selfridge in Birmingham during Pride Month)


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