I thought you'd like this board on Pinterest... It is a collection of all of my photography that I have ever posted on Instagram! It is a collection but I would live if you made the time to have a little peek! https://pin.it/k6z7ltmkhxptcn Lydia x


Interview with Dale from BloggingHerWay.com

Hello! Since starting my blog I have been inspired and influenced by so many amazing people on the internet; who knew there was so many amazing humans out there? The blogging community has to be one of the most happiest and well-connected sections of the internet; I have made so many friends and have built... Continue Reading →

Street Art Of Birmingham

This is going to be a post that will be updated regularly, so every time you view it - there will be new content! Obviously based on the street art in Birmingham 😊 Please don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any updates! I spend an awful lot of time time in... Continue Reading →

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