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Since starting my blog I have been inspired and influenced by so many amazing people on the internet; who knew there was so many amazing humans out there? The blogging community has to be one of the most happiest and well-connected sections of the internet; I have made so many friends and have built some great work relationships with people.

Blogging is not just you telling a story or an experience, but is a way to connect and grow with others that share the same interests. Isn’t that great? Socialising without having to leave your bedroom – WIN!

Now, imagine not having to leave your bedroom to socialise AND not having to leave it to go work?

No, I am not becoming a hermit. I am learning to monetise something that I already work on daily for free – Make’s sense, right? I put in all these hours on my blog, sharing my passions, editing photos, pinning images and maintaining all my social media along with it.

I can honestly say, I was shocked when I found out I could earn money from doing what I already do daily. I may of not known this, but a lot of the Internet did and there is a lot of content out there saying ‘you should do this’ and ‘you should do that’. Who do you really go for guidance? In this sort of circumstance I normally ask my mum but since she didn’t know what a blog was I knew I had to do some research.

That’s when I came across on Pinterest

As you know I am a beginner travel blogger, so this website was completely different from what I usually browse and the flat-lays are INSANE. A young woman named Dale owns the site and has been an active blogger for a long time and has devoted herself to helping others to monetise and promote their site to earn extra income. How cool is that?

Her blogs are such easy reads that are jam-packed with all the need-to-know information! Since discovering her blog, I have been on there every day since learning new skills and techniques that I honestly believe will hep improve my blog and monetise it.

So, because I am nosy I thought I would drop her an E-Mail to find out more about her as a person, as a blogger, the content she creates, her affiliate marketing program and her upcoming ideas.

She replied soon after saying that she would be delighted to be interviewed. I have been very pumped and sacred to do this, I spent nearly two hours coming up with decent questions – It has been intense!

Let me introduce you to Dale first (Image below, directly off her website here). I’ll save you guys the hassle of posting a picture of me.


What first inspired you to start your blog?

I was inspired to start my blog after researching and testing out various online business ideas. I actually started out with a web design business, but after blogging as a way to attract clients, I realised I really enjoyed blogging a lot more! I started reading income reports from bloggers like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, who earns six figures every month from her blog. That really encouraged me to pursue blogging!

What challenges do you face when running more then one blog?

Running more than one blog is a lot of work and I definitely find it hard to manage multiple blogs at once. The biggest struggles are creating content and managing multiple social media accounts. I use the scheduling tool Tailwind for Pinterest to automate my pinning schedule for my blogs, which really helps.

What originally got you into affiliate Marketing?

As I was researching ways to make money online, affiliate marketing stuck out to me as a great idea. It doesn’t require as much traffic as running ads to be profitable, and it doesn’t require as much work as creating your own products to sell.

What struggles did you come across when it came to promoting other brands?

At first I struggled to find brands to promote that are a great fit for my audience. I always look for brands and products that I personally use, because it’s easier to sell them to my readers when I have personal experience with them.

Who are your top five favourite bloggers?

1. Suzi from Start a Mom Blog

2. Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter

3. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents

4. Elise from House of Brazen

5. Chelsea from Her Paper Route

What is the future for ‘Blogging Her Way’?

I am hoping to create more digital products like ebooks and online courses to help other bloggers make money blogging. I would love to grow Blogging Her Way to the point where it’s one of the best-known websites for learning how to start a blog and make money blogging!

You have helped and supported many in their blogging careers, do you ever get overwhelmed by your success?

That is kind of you to say! I wouldn’t say I get overwhelmed, but it is really nice to get emails from readers saying that I have helped them. That’s definitely what inspires me and keeps me going!

What are you tips for making great stock photos?

I do not take any of my own photos on Blogging Her Way. Using stock photos saves me so much time and makes my blog look a lot prettier. I have invested in two different stock photo memberships for my blog: Haute Stock and Styled Stock Society. Both of these sites offer gorgeous unlimited stock photo downloads at a great price.

You have two E-Books, one on Earning Money on Pinterest and One on Amazon Affiliate – Please tell us a bit more about them and why you felt there was a need on the market for these E-Books?

Get Paid to Pin: This was my first ebook and it’s all about my strategy for making affiliate sales on Pinterest. I created this ebook because I had found a strategy for making money on Pinterest that was working really well for me and I was getting a lot of questions about it. So I decided to share my knowledge in the form of this ebook!

Amazon Affiliate Affluence: I wrote this ebook recently to teach bloggers how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. I struggled for months to earn more than a few dollars from the Amazon affiliate program, but after experimenting a lot, I finally figured out a way to earn $500+ a month from it. So this ebook shares my strategies for making money as an Amazon affiliate!

Do you have any pets and if so, do you have any picture?

Sadly, I do not have any pets because I’m allergic to both cats and dogs! I did used to have a cute little fish named George though when I was a kid 🙂


A special thank-you to Dale for taking part in my interview and helping me on my journey of success!

Hopefully by the end of this post you love Dale and her site Blogging her way as much as I do!

I have joined Dale’s Affiliate Marketing Program and if you love her as much as I do, I suggest not only BUYING her top-dollar E-Books but actually supporting her growth as a creator and joining the programme! I only talk and support products I love and Dale makes amazing content that really will help the growth of your blog, so why not help her and earn yourself some money as well? It would be crazy not too! Also, if this is your first time hearing about Affiliate marketing, then I suggest you start with her program!

Here is my Affiliate link to her E-Book about Getting Paid to Pin

Here is my Affiliate link to her E-Book about Amazon Affiliate

Thank you for reading!

Until next time!

Lydia-Rose x



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Hotel Review: The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel in Brighton

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I have finally got round to writing my review on The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel!

I have so much going on that I feel like my blog is really slacking and I do not want that! This blog is like my little baby, I need to nurture it more and show it some love.

Anyway. The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel was a spontaneous last-minute stay, like

literally ten minutes before we turned up at Brighton and Hove. Originally we were just going to stay in the car and camp out but I became incredibly grouchie after the long travel of three hours and my body told me that I needed a bed. ASAP.

I checked out Booking for what was available for a reasonable price; which was of course The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel for only £35. This was a pretty good price for something so short notice AND on the seafront, so I reserved a double bedroom and continued the rest of our journey through the seaside town.


Minus the cost of the parking, it was pretty easy to find the public car park. I am talking about £28 a day, which did make my eyes water as we planned on spending three nights there in Brighton. The things we do for travel! The car park was about a five minute walk from the hotel, though I will warn you it is an upsetting walk as you pass a lot of tents where the homeless have set up for the night.

Anyway, I had my bag and suitcase already to jump into the hotel room and pass out. The building was beautiful on the outside, after checking the website I found out that the hotel was originally built in the 1820’s! They also weren’t wrong when they said it was on the seafront, about 20 steps and I would of been in the ocean!

I opened the door and walked up to the reception, let me tell you that the man at the desk looked more of a body guard. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but he looked really scary. He had a really deep voice and his frown was stabled to his face. I said that I had a reservation under the name Button and he shoved me two key cards and said that our room is on the fourth floor. my anxiety was through the roof, I said thank you and dashed off in homes to not make him look any more pissed off. Then again, i know how annoying it is to be on a night-shift but this hotel is known to be family-friendly and I am pretty sure I am gonna have nightmares about that guy.

While I was waiting for my lift to come down, I had a good look around the reception and had a peek at the dining area. There was a musky but slightly mouldy smell, though this could just be because I’m overtired and am just picking things wrong with the hotel because the receptionist never smiled at me when I was smiling at him like an idiot.

The design of the reception area and dining room was kept to like the original design, which I love as it gave it a more period-look. I used the lift to go up to the fourth floor as I was not risking the chances of me passing out! The lift was really small, I do not think a wheelchair could get in there so just giving you an honest heads up! My elbows was touching other-side of the wall, the lift smelt of urine and the the wallpaper was peeling off the walls – perfect. This looked like a scene from a Scooby-Doo show.

My room was right at the end of the corridor, up some steps and just past a cleaning cupboard that had piles and piles of toilet rolls outside of it – I mean, it was £35? Do I have the cheek to complain?

I unlocked the hotel room and entered, I swear to you that I literally threw my suitcase and bag on the floor and dive bombed on the bed. It felt like I just threw myself on a pile of bricks but it honestly felt so good to be in a bed, I am so glad I decided not to wing it and sleep in the car. Chante would of ended up paying for it as I would of been in a terrible mood. Though with how the bed felt, there wasn’t that much difference from this and the backseat of the Polo.


While I was laying out on the bed, I thought I would check how much the hotel room was originally priced at before the major discount as it being short notice and to my shock – £129.00. Already I can honestly tell you that I have paid that amount for Hotels a hell of a lot better, but of course this is only my opinion. Everyone should make assumptions based on their own experiences, not other people’s. Just because my experience so far hasn’t been the greatest, this does not mean your experience would be the same.

Looking around the room, the design was very nice, minus the cob webs in the corners of the room. The en-suit was a new build, you can tell as it was styled completely different and there were no cracks in the walls. There was an alarming amount of hair in the bath but that got washed down the drain once the water started running. Also, there was a giant window that gave you a direct view of the seafront. This was definitely the winning feature! I opened the window wide and the fresh sea air filled the bedroom – perfection. This is why I come all the way to the coast as it just gives me pure nostalgia of my childhood; spending long days on the beach with my parents and sisters.

Anyway, that night I slept in the clothes that I arrived in. No shame. I was that tired I literally passed out. Let me tell you this – This was my biggest mistake. After I opened the window to get a whiff of the fresh air, I forgot to close it or even shut it a little bit. I woak up at 6am with a SEAGULL in my room. Yes, you read that right – A SEAGULL. My worse experience yet, I screamed the hotel down. The Seagull panicked and flew out of the room. The bird was probably more frightened then what I was, my make-up was all over the place and I was pretty sure I was gonna have a panic attack.

My girlfriend woak up and got into a karate position ready to attack whoever was in our room. I quickly ran and closed the window, there was like six seagulls sitting outside our window.  I have honestly never pooed myself so quickly. I was staring at the seagulls outside the window for like five minutes and they were just staring back – they won the challenge as I quickly shut the curtains and ran back to the bed to my protector.

They were not no average seagulls, they were HUGE like the length of both my arms. I had to google to find out what breed they were; Great black-backed gull was the name. Here is a link to give you a rough idea. If you’ve clicked on the link, you would understand why I had kittens when I saw one of these in my hotel room. I mean, this isn’t really the hotel’s fault but I would of appreciated knowing that these birds are brave enough to fly through the window to have a nose!

There was no way on Earth I could go back to sleep after this and had definitely ruined my hotel trip, I know it is not the birds fault but god, I though I was going to pass out with that sitting on the edge of my bed!


It was not the most partially nice sleep I have ever had, like I mentioned previously about sleeping on a tone of bricks. My back was killing and my throat was sore from me screaming. That was a great ‘Welcome to Brighton’, I will not be forgetting this hotel anytime soon.

Lydia x


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Spring Break 2019 Amsterdam Festival


Before you go any further, this is purely my opinion and I believe everyone should not stop doing things they want to do because someone had a shitty experience and made a blog post about it.

So, I got sent a video on Instagram by my girlfriend (@lorenchante), which was of course the Spring Break festival advertising for the 2019 tickets in Amsterdam. It was showing people dancing to club/drum and base music, which wasn’t really our usual scene but Chante really wanted to go so we said screw it and bought some tickets.


Rather then just getting two separate tickets, I bought a combo of two entry wrist bands, two t-shirts and a food discount wrist band for £257.24.

This was pretty reasonable and so far has been the cheapest festival tickets I’ve ever bought and I’ve been to many festivals. You could pay thousands for a concert or festival and be super disappointed by the performance 🤷‍♀️ It was spontaneous and neither of us had ever heard of it so we thought f*ck it, lets go.

Anyway, it was a good excuse to go Amsterdam for the weekend as neither of us have ever been to the city and The Netherlands has been on the top of our list for a while. The next day we booked the dates off work and now for the long weight!

My biggest issue was probably trying to find a decent outfit for the 3 nights of partying! Though after three days of constant online browsing for the perfect outfits, I finally found some on Simply Be. Maybe one day I will create a LookBook to show you guys my outfit – once I gain a bit of body confidence, that is..

As you can see below, the company sent me a little map of where the clubs that the festival is being held. There was a total of five venues where people could move between to see their favourite acts. I like this as this gave a diverse range of choices and still gave an outdoor festival vibe.

SB map.png

The Box was only for those that had bought the Party day ticket, it was a warehouse style rave which was pretty awesome and gave those constant parties somewhere to go.  The company that run Spring Break also had a party boat, the options for this festival was endless. I honestly do not think I could of coped with the constant partying, at 21 years old I am a whimp. I would of ended passing out!

sb line up.png

The line up was what really caught my attention of the whole festival, the fact that Rudimental DJ was playing was pretty awesome. So, even though we were not clubbers, it still sounded really cool! 

If you love clubbing and drinking, I highly recommend doing this festival! Unfortunately, Chante got food poising so she was unable to attend so I braved it and went to the festival on my own. In all honesty, one of the worse decisions I have made because drunk people are scary and I was not prepared to drink that much because I was on my own and didn’t know the city that well. This made it harder to really enjoy the festival to the fullest but you win some and lose some.

I think I would of enjoyed it more if I had Chante and my friends with me, but there was no way I was losing out on what I paid for the tickets. I gave my spare wristbands to a randomer who i saw constantly throughout the festival and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves – You go Glen Coco!

That is all for today, I do think if you love this kind of thing you should definitely give it a try! They even have their own smoking room in each club!

Lydia x


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Happy Sunday everyone! 😁 Hope everyone is having a great day! I have recently been addicted to Pinterest and I have come across so many body positive quotes and feminism stories. I absolutely love it and I feel like it further educates me about important topics! I have always been a strong supporter when it come to feminism and our rights as both females and humans. Pinterest is definitely underrated and you can connect with so many like-minded people like on instagram! ⁣ .⁣ Check Out my blog ->⁣ .⁣ Tags:⁣ #brighton #brightonbeach #gaybrighton #seasidetown #brightonresort #bloggervibes #mytinyatlas #travellinglife #publife #lovetotravel #travelblogger #Travelling #adventure #adventurelife #adventurer #dametraveller #welivetoexplore #worldcaptures #girlswhotravel #girlaroundworld #darlingescapes #openmyworld #traveldiary #like4like #likeforlike #lesbiantraveler #photography #pinktrotters #girlsborntotravel #femmetravels⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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My Top 5 Best And Worse Purchases – On Amazon


Hello everyone!

Today I thought I would do a slightly different blog post, full disclosure though – This has affiliate links. Hopefully that hasn’t put you off and you still want to read on! I thought I would share my 5 best purchases and worse purchases on Amazon. So, kind of ironic as I am promoting both products I loved and products I dislike. I am going to be honest, this isn’t completely travel related as I have hair products on my list – which I do take with me when I am aboard and travelling.

As always, these are purely my own opinion, I am in now way being sponsored to write a good or bad review – just an honest one. Though if you do deiced to get the product I have recommended, I thank you in advanced as you are helping and supporting my dream of becoming a blogger! Please comment below if you have purchased a product due to this post or if you have had similar experience or opinion on a product. I’d love to know!

No back to the slightly interesting bit, below are my top 5 best and worse products I have bought off Amazon!


We shall start off with a positive, my recent most favourite product that I have bought off Amazon has to be L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Leave-in Conditioner! My hairdresser introduced me to this product and I became in love!

This stay-in conditioner is ideal for those with split ends as the idea of it is to reduce the need for trimming your hair. Before I go bed and after I have done my little face routine, I like to brush a small amount of this cream through my hair. I currently have above the shoulder length hair so I do not have to use a lot, as stated on the bottle I leave this in. When I wake up in the morning my hair feels refreshed and does not feel as dry, which is ideal.

I also use this as heat protection when needing heat protection. After I wash my hair, I towel dry it and then rake the cream through it before hair drying and I also re-cream the ends of my hair when I start straightening. My hair has to inured a lot of pain, that is why I purchase so many lotion and potions for it! When I was first recommended this product, I went downtown to look in my local health and beauty shops and the price for it was a bit steep to what my hairdresser informed me, I was looking at buying it for around £7-£9 – this varied in each shop. This is why I thought I would take a look on Amazon and would you believe it, the product was only £3.80 – so much cheaper then my local!  I have been using it and buying it online ever since!



Let me tell you about these packing cubes! Honestly one of the best products I have bought when it comes to my busy travelling lifestyle!

I was suggested by an old friend to try using packing cubes to reduce the clutter in my suitcase as I try to be a neat packer but I just end up cramming it all in and hoping I wont need to open it until I am in my hotel/hostel. This helps me to reduce the amount of crap I take, As I don’t really need 16 pairs of underwear for a 3 day trip, just incase I wee myself like three times a day. These cubes help me be more savvy when packing and to focus on the true necessities. I also find that they help me be more neater when I actually arrive at my destination, rather then throwing all my clothes about to find a lipstick that is hidden at the bottom of my case (Yes, I know most people have a make-up bag already but I am just THAT girl). I would know that my make-up is in one particular section along with my socks, underwear and electrical’s.

Also, they come in all sort of cute and crazy colours, I personally prefer the pink but you can definitely go for something more subtle. To be fair, You could just type up ‘packing cubes’ on Amazon and you would find thousands of different types, these are just my favourite and you get more for your money at £17.


This next product killed my skin. I know a lot of people rave about T-Zone and I do agree that their Spot zapping cream works wonders but this black head facial scrub felt like I was washing my face with a broom. I did not enjoy this product, I know the grittie bits are to help remove the dead skin but in all honestly, it felt like it was peeling my skin off.

I have used many similar products in the past but none that had felt this uncomfortable. Do not get me wrong, I know this works well for some people but for me – definitely not. The price of the product is really good – £2 at most, though currently only 99p on Amazon. I am just not a fan of grit like creams on my face, i am not sure what I expected as you can clearly see this in the product bottle.

This next review of mine is probably down to my own personal stupidity.

When you are going to stay at a hostel, make sure you get a big enough padlock for your locker, otherwise you’ll end up paying nearly 10 euros for a lock that actually fits and you will feel like a dumb-ass. Long story short, last time I went away I bought two of these combination locks for both me and my girlfriend thinking I was being smart and knowing I’m going to reduce my chances of suffering from theft. Once I got there, I realised that the padlock was actually too small to clip over the locker. I did get very frustrated and ended up breaking a nail in the process, which just made things ten times worse! For £6 you can’t go wrong, but just be smart and think that you’ll need an extended bendy combination lock for the risk of the lockers not being generic!



For all those regular travellers, I am sure you’ll agree with me that a decent eye-mask is a worthy investment – especially for those long haul flights!

Along with decent earplugs and travel cushion – you are due a decent nap with minor interruptions!

I have had my Unimi eye mask for a while now and because it comes with a little bag, I haven’t yet lost it! Trust me, this is a first for me! This mask is super soft due to all the layers it is made out of and does not feel like I have clingfilm wrapper round my head, which some sleep-masks do feel like. I prefer this one because it has a bit of fabric going across the nose, which is so much more comfortable and helps to block put complete light –  Though it is a shame that it doesn’t help stop my snoring! 

So there you have it, my top five best and worse products that I have bought off Amazon! Not my most thrilling post but hey, if you feel sorry for me please click on one of these pictures and feel free to purchase a product so I can earn a small commission – Everyone has to start somewhere! Even if it is reviewing a sleep mask and a gritty face scrub.

Until next time,

Lydia x


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My Road Trip Didn’t Go To Plan..


Today was a disaster..Kinda..

So my partner had to drive down to West Sussex for a meeting; I tagged along as it was my day off and I had never been down that end of England so I thought I’d come along for the road trip.

It was about two and a half hour drive, we took the wrong turning twice and ended adding an extra 40 minutes to our drive; almost making us late to the meeting. The weather was poor which just made the journey drag.

We eventually made it to Ford with only a few minutes to spare to get to the meeting.

Ford is a little village in the Arun District in West Sussex, the river Arun runs through the county. The village has a HM prison, RAF Ford Battle of Britain airfield and the Royal Naval Air Station HMS Peregrine. Ford Railway Station is on the West Coastway Line which is a listed building and an Industrial estate with a few units. There was a pub, camp site, some very fancy houses and a mobile home site.

I couldn’t attend this meeting personally with her so I thought I would do a bit of exploring and to see what this village had to offer.

Once she had dashed off to business, I was left to my own devises. All I had on me my camera bag in hopes of finding a good shot between this rain and grumpy weather.

I started to walk up the main road as on the way through the villiage I saw model of a aircraft for the RAF and I really want to get a photo of it.


I was dying to go toilet and thought I’d make it my mission to explore this place and find a loo as soon as possible; though unfortunately Google Maps was not helping me find a toilet and signal was very poor. I was not impressed!

I should have known this wasn’t going to run smoothly; I going to pack toilet roll in my camera bag from now.on incase these kinda emergencies occurred. If one day I have to see in a bush, so be it…

I walked what felt like 2 miles but it probably wasn’t even one, there was no shop (This was before I done my Google research in Ford). Little a creepy drive way to a pub, fancy houses and a train station. I just of not been wishing hard enough ad I didn’t find a public toilet..

I left my purse at home so when I went to the pub (Hoping for a wee and a pint) they said that they don’t accept contactless or card, just cash – So I was a bit stumped but what did I expect from a small village..

This is just a picture of some pretty house..

So I went along on a mission to find somewhere else that had a toilet…hoping to not pre myself while I was at it..

I have gotten too use to being in a big town with shops with toilets. After walking for a further half hour I noticed a train station, I must of sprinted there so fast in fear of urinating myself.

I ran through the ticket door to the ladies and screw a duck, the door was locked. The sign on the door said “Locked due to permanent valdnism”.

I’m not lying to you guys when I say I actually stood there and cried.

It was about time I just accepted that I would have to drop my draws and pee in a bush..

I saw a row of fancy cottages and thought I’m not knocking on someones door to use the bathroom because I’ve seen way too many movies and I refuse to be chopped up into little pieces in a strangers house.

But I thought this was a risk I was going to have to take, it was that or wet myself and I dont think I could walk back to my partner after her meeting smelling like a pubs toilet.

A sign caught my eye (No, it wasn’t a stairway to heaven), it was a dogs kennel sign and I thought if I was gonna get murdered and turned into dogs

meat at least they’d have a decent meal? It would be for the doggos and that..

I walked up the poarch towards the entrance of the kennels and the house was beautiful! It had a small reception which looked so homely and when I

pressed the doorbell two dogs jumped out of nowhere near the windows. a little jack russel and a big white furry monster.

If this is how im suppose to die, then so be it.

Some young lad opened the door and asked if i was okay; I told him if he knew where the nearest public toilets were as google map wasnt telliing me

anything and the train station toilet was locked. Without hestitation, the guy said to come in and I could use the bathroom there.

I literally could of made out with the lad, I was so blessed to relieve myself. It was a big risk got both me and him but my luck was starting to change..

One of two things was gonna happen once I leave this toilet.

1) I will thank the guy and be on my way

2) I’ll have an axe shoved in the back of my head and fed to the hounds

Though to my shocking (and more realistic side) I wasn’t murdered and I thanked the guy and sprinted off down the drive before he changed his mind.

So I guess this “disaster” story was just about me trying to find a toilet 😂🤙

Hope you enjoyed!

Lydia x